Alland (Algarve Land) has several Urban and Rural plots located in the Faro region of the Algarve.

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Urban and Rural Plots for sale

in the Algarve region

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Some plots have single or multiple ruins on them and the regulations are reasonably flexible for combining these ruins into one to form a single, larger unit.

Most plots do not have ruins, but are in zones that have recently been re-defined to allow new buildings to be erected, residential and/or commercial.  

Many plots are registered as agricultural.  This severely limits the potential uses of the land but many people have set up caravans and mobile homes on this class of land for many years.  The law is fuzzy with respect to this use of the land and different regions interpret the laws in a different manner.  We strongly suggest that you do your homework if you intend to go for this option.  

As part of our service, we will demarcate the plots, determine its current classification and its potential classification.  

Access to water, electricity and mains sewage to the plots is obviously important and we will investigate the location of each and the cost of bringing each to the site.

What to do:  Register your interest in purchasing a plot of land and we will send you details of land that matches your criteria.

Email:  [email protected]  or Tlm: 966 978 937  ask for Ged Sloan

We look forward to hearing from you.

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